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3. (1) This act shall be known and may be cited as the 2 "law enforcement and firefighter access to epinephrine act". § 144.999 allows authorized entities including recreation camps, colleges, universities, preschools and day-care facilities to obtain, store, and use epinephrine auto-injectors without a prescription. An entity located in this state is not liable for any injuries or related damages that result from the provision or administration of an epinephrine autoinjector by its employees or agents outside of this state if the entity or its employee or agent (a) would not have been liable for the injuries or related damages had the provision or administration occurred within this state, or (b) are [is] not liable for the … Epinephrine auto-injectors must be stored in a readily-accessible location for emergency use and in accordance with the device’s instructions. § 144A and Minnesota Rule 4658. 27 epinephrine auto-injector in accordance with this chapter is not the practice of medicine. Starting on August 1, 2019, an individual may also complete an approved training program, and may obtain epinephrine auto-injectors from a licensed wholesale pharmacy. 888-345-0823 Toll-free. Under Minnesota’s Good Samaritan Law, Minn. Stat. Jobrack soon helped to lead a lobby for Illinois’s stock epinephrine bill, a law that allows schools to keep epinephrine auto-injectors available for students in case of an anaphylactic emergency. Not all pharmacies are licensed wholesalers. Every two years, an individual must complete an anaphylaxis-training program that is conducted by: After successfully completing training, an authorized individual may administer an injection to an individual experiencing anaphylaxis or provide the auto-injector device to the individual or the individual’s caregiver or legal guardian for administration. Minnesota law governing colleges and universities is found in Minn. Stats. Under Minnesota’s Good Samaritan Law, Minn. Stat. Note that an authorized individual must present a valid training certificate to the pharmacy/wholesaler in order to purchase epinephrine auto-injectors. Current as of: 2019 | Check for updates | Other versions (1) Notwithstanding any provision of this act to the contrary, a prescriber may issue a prescription for and a dispensing prescriber or pharmacist may dispense auto-injectable epinephrine to an authorized entity. Information on this website is available in alternative formats upon request. Thirty-three (33) states have passed "entity laws", which permits the venue to stock undesignated epinephrine in case of an anaphylactic emergency: Four (4) states have introduced "entity" legislation into the state legislature, which is pending: Fourteen (14) states have no legislation in place to date: As of June 2019. No. Stock Epinephrine Entity Laws. View State Laws. 1. There is no limit in the number of owners, managers, employees or agents of an authorized entity who may complete anaphylaxis training. “Day-care facilities” and “preschools” include both licensed and licensed-exempt programs that provide day care or preschool services to children. When issuing a prescription for or … An authorized individual is responsible for storage and control of epinephrine auto-injectors the individual possesses. Authorized individuals who have completed training may submit their respective training certificates to an authorized wholesale pharmacy to obtain the epinephrine auto-injectors. Eighteen states enacted laws authorizing entities—that is, places or facilities in addition to schools—to keep stocks of epinephrine in 2015. In all other states, it varies from district to district, or even from school to school, as guidelines to stock epinephrine are voluntary. Under the law, authorized entities and individuals are under no duty or obligation to obtain or store epinephrine auto-injectors, or administer an epinephrine auto-injector shot. Why is it important for entities and public places to stock epinephrine? An authorized individual may provide or administer an epinephrine auto-injector to an individual whom they believe in good faith is experiencing anaphylaxis. Therefore, focus is widening to consider epinephrine stocking laws beyond schools and into other public “entities.” View the map below to learn about the status of entity epinephrine stocking in your state. §§ 327.14 -.28. § 144.999. PART 1DEPARTMENT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES. Minnesota laws governing licensed child-care programs are found in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 245A; Minnesota Rules Chapter 9502 (family child care); and Minnesota Rules Chapter 9503 (child care centers). §§ 136A.62 - .821. Tennessee Public Chapter 805 (2016) authorizes certain entities to stock epinephrine auto-injectors on their premises and authorizes certain individuals to provide or administer an epinephrine auto-injector under certain circumstances. The Good Samaritan protections also apply to pharmacies and manufacturers that dispense epinephrine auto-injectors under Minn. Stat. To get involved in Entity Legislation in your state, Contact Us. Possession and use of epinephrine auto-injector devices shall be limited as follows: Minnesota law governing recreation camps is found in Minn. Stats. Watch Training Videos. The law authorizes the Commissioner of Health to add additional categories of authorized entities, and licensed nursing homes, boarding care homes, and home care providers have been added. VIENNA, Va., May 2, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Allergy & Asthma Network today congratulated lawmakers in 25 states who have passed laws expanding access to epinephrine in public places. — An authorized entity that acquires a stock supply of epinephrine auto-injectors pursuant to a prescription issued by an authorized health care practitioner in accordance with this section may make the auto-injectors available to individuals other than certified individuals identified in subsection (3) who may administer the auto-injector to a person believed in good faith to be experiencing a severe allergic … Purpose. We're here to support you if you have any questions or need assistance. Many states passed entity epinephrine laws that permit public venues to stock emergency supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors. Prepare your entity for an allergic emergency with these AUVI-Q training tools. § 604A.01, providing or administering an epinephrine auto-injector to an individual experiencing anaphylaxis is considered to be emergency care, advice, or assistance. If you have questions about how this law impacts your compliance with licensing requirements, please contact your licensing agency. The Laws|Guidelines|Memos page contains resources on 916 a-Pupils with Allergies, 921 On-site epinephrine auto-injectors and 921-a Training of unlicensed school personnel to administer certain medications, CR 136.6 on Use of EAI, Memos and Practice Guidelines on use of EAI in schools as well as Public Health Law Sections 3000a Good Samaritan Law and 3000c Epinephrine Auto-injectors An authorized entity shall designate employees or agents who have completed the required anaphylaxis training the task of storing, maintaining, and controlling the epinephrine auto-injectors. They are Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Please direct your request to Division Director’s Office, Health Regulation Division, Minnesota Department of Health, P.O. (Source: P.A. Recreation camps, colleges and universities, and preschools and daycares are listed in the statute, and nursing homes and home care providers were added by the Commissioner of Health in November 2016. Box 64900, St. Paul, MN, 55164-0900. § 604A.01, providing or administering an epinephrine auto-injector to an individual experiencing anaphylaxis is considered to be emergency care, advice, or assistance. 108 be available under state law, including that provided under Code Section 51-1-29. Visit Allergy & Asthma Network to view the U.S. map of the 49 states with laws requiring anaphylaxis emergency preparedness plans that permit schools to stock emergency supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors. Minnesota law governing boarding care homes is found in Minnesota Rule 4655. The New York State Senate. Contact Us. Minn. Stat. This 28 section does not eliminate, limit, or reduce any other immunity or defense that may be available 29 under state law. FAACT's Resource Page for Coronavirus (COVID-19). School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, Statewide Insurance Coverage for Elemental Formula. SUBCHAPTER BEPINEPHRINE AUTO-INJECTOR POLICIES IN CERTAIN ENTITIES §40.9. In Canada, there are similar laws in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta. Name of the trainer or training organization. Michigan Laws 333.17744a – Auto-injectable epinephrine; prescribing or issuing to authorizing entity. Laws & Agency Rules Bill Information Agendas, Schedules, & Calendars Legislative Committees ... School districts and nonpublic schools may maintain at a school in a designated location a supply of epinephrine autoinjectors based on the number of students enrolled in the school. ... state legislatures have begun to see the importance of allowing camps to obtain and administer epinephrine auto-injectors (*). CHAPTER 40EPINEPHRINE AUTO-INJECTOR AND ANAPHYLAXIS POLICIES. A majority of U.S. states now have “entity laws,” which allow schools to be prescribed epinephrine auto-injectors that school nurse or trained individuals can administer. To locate licensed pharmacy wholesalers, go to: Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Licensee / Registrant Search. Minnesota law governing home care providers is found in Minn. Stat. Yes. Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3728 allows a Qualified Entity to maintain and administer epinephrine to an individual experiencing anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction). § 151.47. Then she was asked to help on similar bills in other states, and when FAI and the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network merged to form FARE in 2012, she began to work on advocacy almost exclusively. Any for-profit or nonprofit entity or organization that employs at least one person with the appropriate training is considered an “Authorized Entity” in the State of Connecticut and may purchase epinephrine cartridge injectors from a wholesaler (including a pharmacy if it has a wholesale distributor license). 3 (2) As used in this act: 4 (a) "Eligible entity" means a law enforcement agency or 5 organized fire department that is prescribed auto-injectable 6 epinephrine. Possession and use of epinephrine auto-injector devices. Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 2-0) Status: (Passed) 2019-06-14 - Effective on 9/1/19 [HB4260 Detail] Download: Texas-2019-HB4260-Introduced.html School districts, boards of cooperative educational services, county vocational education and extension boards, charter schools, and non-public elementary and secondary schools in this state may provide and maintain on-site in each instructional school facility epinephrine auto-injectors in quantities and types deemed by the commissioner, in consultation with … On-site epinephrine auto-injector. An entity or individual approved by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health to provide an anaphylaxis training program. State: when applied to states of the United States, includes the District of Columbia, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the several territories organized by Congress. (2)(a) A licensed health professional with the authority to prescribe epinephrine autoinjectors may prescribe epinephrine … (c) No one may use an epinephrine auto-injector device on behalf of an eligible person or entity unless he or she has successfully completed a training course in the use of epinephrine auto-injector devices conducted by … Thirty-two states have passed legislation to allow an authorized entity, such as a camp, to do just that. facebook; twitter; youtube; get involved login. Minnesota law governing recreation camps are found in Minn. Stats. ... Current State Laws Regarding Epinephrine Auto-Injectors and … To learn more about entity stocking laws, please see the featured Spotlight Article in AAFA’s 2015 State Honor Roll™ Report. In recent years, a growing number of states have adopted epinephrine entity stocking laws. You can also call your local community or hospital pharmacy to inquire if they are licensed as a wholesaler. 144A.43-.484. An authorized entity shall designate employees or agents who have completed training to be responsible for storing, maintaining, and controlling the epinephrine auto-injectors. Thirty-two states have passed legislation to allow an authorized entity, such as a camp, to do just that. INDICATION. Numerous states have passed legislation that permits, but do not require, public entities to stock undesignated epinephrine on site for use in case of emergency. See Wisconsin Statutes 990.01 (1) Definitions. 99-711, eff. News & Issues ... and general oversight of the epinephrine auto-injectors acquired by the eligible person or entity. Updated Monday, December 28, 2020 at 10:29AM, Health Care Facilities, Providers, and Insurance, Healthy Communities, Environment and Workplaces, Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota, Wilderness Medical Associates International. Allows a health care provider with prescriptive authority to prescribe auto-injectable epinephrine to a business, association, or governmental entity (entity) or an entity's branch office. An entity located in this state shall not be liable for any injuries or related Explore state laws regarding undesignated stock epinephrine auto-injectors in your state. The topics covered in the training. Numerous states have passed legislation that permits, but do not require, public entities to stock undesignated epinephrine on site for use in case of emergency. There is no required form for the training certificate, but each certificate should contain at least the following information: Epinephrine auto-injectors are available from pharmacies licensed by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy as wholesale drug distributors under Minn. Stat.

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