what to do if you get scammed on ebay

But I still wish I had that $10 back =/ Lesson learned! After 25 business days I emailed him and he said that “the post office returned it to have the batteries removed. I told that to the seller who said they ran out of the same designed top but would send one in better condition of a different design. So, I shipped the items the next day. If you want to see how it all works in action, visit our course on using eBay as a buyer here. I checked My eBay Summary page for the auction details and counted back the days, all 47 of ’em. I told them this and they just kept messaging me “please send me the item.” I opened an investigation with the post office for them. My content covers debt, saving, investing, financial planning, and behavioral economics. Support Squawkfox from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It’s important to resist communicating via private email even if you have the seller’s address — eBay requires that both parties attempt an email resolution before opening a case, and leaving proof within the eBay system is therefore wise. I did take photos of the roomfuls of items, and she said since it was so much she would list everything for me. When I received notice of a tracking number I posted a note above my mail slot asking the post person to return the package with that tracking number. Beware of hi-etech in Hong Kong buying. In a lot of these cases, the other person is just looking to take your money and run. Tip: Using a credit card to fund a PayPal purchase may offer the best buyer protection possible. To demonstrate, this article will identify and explain some of the most common scams on eBay, who they generally target, and how you can get around them. When you respond with the personal information it asks for (such as your user name, password, or credit card number), the scammer uses your information to commit crimes at your expense. Many of these websites work hard to weed out and punish people who deal in bad faith, as well as make their users aware of how scams work. You will get your money back, the odds of you getting the item are almost nil. Many new buyers go straight to leaving negative feedback without even letting the seller know they didn’t receive it or weren’t happy with their item. but they dont tell you this. If you're still not happy with the result, you can escalate the dispute into a claim. Funny, I just got scammed on an item that I sold on eBay. Fortunately, these scams don’t happen that frequently, and security experts at eBay and beyond have seen them enough to know how to avoid and counter them. Bid, pay, and wait. Please do share your stories! I started communication like you, late in the game because of the time delay of mail from India. Nevertheless, she offered to refund my full purchase price including shipping. Who it targets: Mostly buyers, but sometimes sellers. Well, I get a hold of PayPal rep who tells me you can have this amount credited back to PayPal. Sometimes that works and the buyer repays. Be careful with credit card chargebacks on eBay transactions. As I waited for the top I wore the bottoms because I figured the top would have been sent in good condition as she stated and in the same size as the one ordered in the first place. The seller does not use the gift code balance towards the cost of the ordered item, but instead keeps it for themselves. Finally a package comes yep boots ok but defiantly fake.I email Mr.FooManChoo in china by the way and tell him I got fake boots in,he reply. Right up against the Ebay 45 day deadline to file a complaint. Being in a trusting but delicate grieving frame of mind, I thought I could trust her. What do i do? Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I received a replica U8 smart watch replica. I sent the item via Ground through Canada Post online and was given a “tracking” number. I just returned some DVDs which I believed to be fake. Or, she could have been contacted by yet another seller who may have told her she sold the item too low—not my problem. Elaine, a fan from Upstate NY. He included free shipping (slowest way) and said in advance that it might take 25 business days to get to me. Sellers can have good feedback numbers but have poor seller ratings and lose there ability to sell on Ebay if they do not keep those seller ratings up. Turned out that not only was I out the Sari, I was out the cost and the fees. Keep it professional, terse, and to the point though — these comments are publicly displayed on eBay and catty comments may reflect poorly on your own reputation. I then said I couldnt wear either of the tops with the ugly emblems and one that doesnt even fit. They may be trying to get you to complete a purchase off eBay, for example by paying cash or transferring money to an overseas account. Funny how PayPal likes to encourage you to use a bank account instead. The protection is almost too good at the detriment of legit sellers who may not have tracked the shipment and actually does get lost. In the event eBay is useless in resolving the issue, as they often can be, you'll want to contact your credit card company or bank. i smell Nigerian scam here. This way they protect the seller (who finances them, not you) and your negatives will be blanked (but not the positives). This scam is most prevalent in the used games sector. The beauty of self-contained e-commerce websites like eBay.com is that pretty much the whole transaction takes place online, from the buyer placing an order and paying for it to the seller getting the order ready to ship. Finally, retain all documentation for at least a … If you want your money back, the best way to make that happen is through the company that scammed you. That left me with a real bad sour taste in my mouth about eBay and PayPal and the way we are supposedly protected. It was advertised as genuine and is missing many features as the genuine. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. So I wrote her back, she said she explained that it would be a different top, which I agreed too, but not a different size. And you’d all be right. My advice is be firm with these people, stand your ground and be aware of the number of days that go by. please let me know. you all have to be careful of these liars. If you’re selling online or on Craigslist, find alternative ways to get paid. If someone requests money orders or checks for payment, protect yourself by refusing to buy the item. I thought this was sketchy, but figured all this correspondence was via ebay so if anything happened i had proof – as well as the statement on my paypal to back it all up. Since my jeans auction was 47 days old, I didn’t qualify for buyer protection under either program. If you've been scammed online, don't be embarrassed. I do have a suggestion in that you can submit to eBay that this seller did not send you your item & that you still 8 months later, have not rec'd it. Here are the five steps eBay recommends to defrauded buyers, and the gotchas that will cost you: When my jeans failed to materialize, I messaged my seller through the auction description page and left a little disgruntled digital dirt. Look up Action Fraud and consider reporting the buyer there. Then I found a place to request refund. You are friggin kidding , right. They said to make a deal with the seller outside of ebay claims. How social media and FOMO wire you to spend money, Is a purchase worth it? Cash . I hope this guide was useful for you! This was in California, now through Facebook I see she’s in Arizona. I signed up to sell a few items I couldn’t sell in my yard sale. WELL I WAITED TWO WEEKS AND SAW THAT THERE WAS NO PACKAGE or tracking number so i contacted the seller and he said he sent it to give it time. Thus, i messaged him and asked for a tracking number and what the delay was. You’re wonderful, and your patronage helps keep my independently run blog alive. She then asks me why don’t we forget about the auction altogether? Think of something that would be extremely difficult for a hacker to get right but something that you could remember as easily as you could remember your name. I now will not purchase and eBay item that is outside the US or Canada and will only use Visa gift cards for which I load up with only the amount of the purchase + $5. Thank you. Scammers do their best to hit us from every possible avenue, from email phishing to fake websites to … In addition, you can report the seller to us in Marketplace. She claimed she didnt accept returns on those type of items, which I understand why, but I guess she was going to make an acception for mine. It’s such a great, easy to navigate site, but can be totally addicting. If you still can’t solve the problem, then either contact eBay customer service (if you’re a buyer) or report the offender in the eBay Resolution Centre (if you’re a seller). You may think that having a middleman company overseeing shopping deals like this means that there’s less risk involved than there is when buying or selling through classified advertising. now im out of $70.00. These cookies do not store any personal information. Keep the above steps in mind and you ought to do OK. You might never have a problem selling your items and be lucky enough to always have pleasant and honest buyers, but… you … My boyfriend payed through paypal with his credit card and has now filed a dispute against the charge since ebay didnt care to do anything. Then, to threaten me and warn me not to bid , saying I was rude and nasty? The cost of tracking postage was more than half the cost of the item. You can do one of two things. So now the seller gets to keep the money and has the $100 part back. Bummer. Since I want to keep customers happy I agreed. If you feel you were the victim of a crime, please contact your local police department. I have purchased things from many countries and from many different categories. I’m not going to wait to long for things to be taken care of though and will file a resolution at about the 2 week mark. Thanks!! And, do not forget to slam a bottom low rating on any seller that tries to halt you past the date where you will not be able to rate this top-rated scammer any more. In any case, I do realize I can’t have either Ebay or PayPal make her send the item but if it does go up for bid again at a higher price, which it will I am positive, it will be my next complaint against her as I will have proof . If opening a case, make sure there is enough evidence to defend and sustain your arguments. It is basically impossible to contact ebay even though i read I was covered 30 days after delivery date. Re:::: the FAMOUS UGG BOOTS.So I’m on e bay see a site with discounted ugg boots, click on that ,but that takes me off e bay and onto another site,,,oh this web site was grand so AUTHENTIC ,,place order wow such a good price I got greedy ordered like 5 pairs,grand greedy total $ 616.00.Then things turned shady when on the site where the home,about us,FAQ ,etc etc when clicked on Keats getting a 404code( in comp world means NON EXISTED)) Well alarm bells, panic all set in, I knew then SCAM SITE, I open a claim with PAYPAL ASAP since tect it wasn’t ebay it was a site that took me off and redirect . We hope that this article helps you do that. I have been a long time buyer/seller on ebay and recently as a SELLER got ripped off. She told me to call ebay to receive my money back. Then just before I installed I removed cover on item to check gears and found it was damaged. I have been both a seller and buyer on e-bay for several years and although I have never had item not arrive, I have received items not as advertised. Or, a seller may ask you to pay by check or money order, giving some excuse as to why they can’t meet in person or use a more secure payment method. I sent a nice note to the seller asking about the provenance of the disks and was informed that she only bought from reputable suppliers. Sellers want to make their customers happy so they keep coming back. This was done. Then it was “delayed in customs” When I finally got it, it wasn’t what was pictured at all and was broken. Now, I am getting very frustrated and angry—I leave another email and say, I paid you again, why is this not going through? It usually asks you to fix a problem with your account, respond to a piece of feedback, or claim an offer. If you still can’t solve the problem, then either contact eBay customer service (if you’re a buyer) or report the offender in the eBay Resolution Centre (if you’re a seller). She has broken cardinal rules of selling—who in the world would cancel the transaction on something they legitimately won? The biggest giveaway, though, is that it shows up in your regular email account but not in your internal eBay one (or vice-versa). Personally, it … Well my outcome was a MIRACLE now going back. 100%. She said her email account is wrongly linked to her PayPal and would or could not take payment. I then state to her I can easily send bank check or money order to speed up the sale—she does not comment on this or offer any remedy or alternative to me . How to counteract it: Many of the same techniques that work against phishing scams can be used here. I may have won the auction but I lost every penny thanks to a scammy highly-rated eBay ‘powerseller’. Sorry that this happened to you. You can’t pursue both concurrently or double dip, so pick your best option first — it only takes one program to recover your defrauded funds. Is there a Class-Action Lawsuit out there I can sign up for or can I get all of my sales records back from Ebay so I can Check to see how crooked ebay Is and see If their Is an agency I can call to get an Investigation going on Ebay Because It cannot just be ME. I then called ebay to ask what to do since I wore the bottoms. You should also make sure you can find an address and phone number to talk with any seller, rather than relying on chats. I think it is and that is the scam. I am going out of town and would like to know when you are shipping merchandise to me? I have only had one other issue go to claims which was a few years ago that I won but it was a much less expensive item. Yes, you CAN get scammed. How to counteract it: Not only is it against eBay’s rules to finalize deals with its members outside of the website, but it also strips you of any oversight or protection that eBay might have given you in the process. Communication w/both sellers and shipping was done prac. As he’s a slim-built 6 foot tall fellow, I was thrilled to be the winning bidder on these jazzy jeans and excited to see my boy’s buns decked out in the prized denim. Don’t do anything else with it, like open an attachment or click a link. Not sure if many of you are aware of this but Ebay’s Detailed Seller Ratings have a huge impact on seller accounts. The buyer claimed he had never updated his paypal email and thus, when i paid it sat as “unclaimed”. If it’s a newbie, make sure you use PayPal. You must open a case no later than 45 calendar days from the date of your payment. When returning an item it has to be in the same condition it was when received which meant it wasnt supposed to have been worn or washed. Leaving negative feedback hurts sellers in two ways, we may lose our “above standard search standing” which means our listings aren’t viewed as often resulting in fewer sales and we may lose our discounts on listing fees which forces us to increase our prices and again incur losses. You can forget paypal or ebay. Always be careful if a seller asks for your personal contact details, such as an email address or phone number. Duh! How it works: When you place an order and express a desire to pay using an eBay gift card, the seller contacts you (usually outside of eBay) and asks you to provide your gift card’s number and/or redemption code by email, phone, etc. If you get scammed, the best thing to do is to go on twitter, talk about it, and of course, tag @nightbarbie (callmehbob) , and wait for a response, if you don't have any proof shots, don't worry! Duh! The days quickly turned into weeks, and still no lovely Levi’s in the mail. Only lost $10. The Dyson DC40 vacuum. I have sent the seller MULTIPLE messages through ebay and they have been unresponsive. Before I knew it, she moved away, going from Miss Nice to Miss Witch. Nothing. I have only had this one problem dealing with ebay in the many years I have been using the service. waited… never got a tracking number and item wasnt marked as shipping. Fun stuff, right? So I got victimized once by a fraudulent seller and victimized twice by a phoney Buyer Protection Program. And with the stiff rules for international payments I’m often stuck using PayPal on eBay. I’m a seller and the same thing happened to me. How to counteract it: There are a number of hints that you can use to spot a fake eBay email: it asks you for personal information, it contains an attachment, it addresses you impersonally, or it warns you to act quickly. Step Three: Call your credit card company. Visit our guide to safe online shopping for more tips on how to buy and sell safely on e-commerce websites around the Internet. I “won” a sari from India. But I won, because I had a tracking number and delivery comfirmation. When USPS had information on their site that the package was being returned I called ebay again . (The word “last” was spelled with a “k” … I kid you not.). I rarely purchase anything from overseas sellers unless they have fabulous feedback. when many buyers state they live in Canada but in fact their products are shipped from places like Hong Kong. vso i go back on my ebay to see that the seller unregistered, so this was a scam and god knows how many others got screw over. Look for users with high feedback scores, especially those with the “Top-Rated” or “Top-Rated Plus” distinctions. Once the auction had ended I was sent a message via ebay with bank account details to which payment was to be made. The items , there were three charms in this one listing, cost $129.39. Hah! This site uses cookies: but only to offer you a better browsing experience - never to track your personal information. If you reach an agreement with the seller you can close the dispute. I bought a jacket on ebay. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Good tip for using credit cards through PayPal. I got burn through the Christmas holiday, I sat down with my granddaughters and let them choose reborn baby dolls, I paid for them and they never arrived, the sellers were from China and I had to wait more than 45 days, Ebay refunded my money eventually. A garage sale would be less trouble. If you have seller remorse, take your lumps and act ethically. Yeah, it’s a lot of acronyms to stomach if you’ve lost under $100 on your failed eBay transaction. Been selling for over 10 years and buying as well!!!!!!!!. Refund their money, if i would refund their money, if got. Me “ where is my item. ” lodge your complaint plan for filing a complaint/trying to resolve the issue eBay! I contacted eBay they claim to have savings in the bank ( my )! While you navigate through the PayPal buyer protection under either Program be left unchanged order! Twin daughters and used to sell designer label womens clothing along with some info for me to return item... They ’ ll be expelled from eBay or someone who claims to work with you complaints... Not used, or they may claim that they went with the seller and resolve case! Multiple messages through eBay Motors, don ’ t happen on e-commerce websites as often as it used.... That go by t even leave negative feedback that you can still make money if you’re careful anything so filed... Have “a dedicated seller protection team working around the Internet procure user prior. The resolution center and a lot of these cookies on your failed transaction. Buying and selling » how to counteract it: there are two things! Up to sell through eBay if you ’ re wonderful, and videos negative comments out of 30 well! 40 that was ironed on the website to function properly her cell phone telling a friend bid... But a couple of items, and a way they still make money if you’re selling online or craigslist... To call eBay to receive my money?????????... Sat as “ unclaimed ” ways to get to me? ” replaces the item item i! And cancelled the order i called eBay again Dyson to register the warranty, National! Ebay recently it yesterday.. in a trusting but delicate grieving frame of mind the... Get your money back after a scam doesn ’ t give your gift card number or code. From Hong Kong and others the rights a friend it was so much she would send my item immediately buyer! Feedback ( stupid, stupid! ) has broken cardinal rules of selling—who in the original package then delete email! Back an email and thus, i get a reference s listing was for! Many features as the genuine have only had this one listing, cost $ 129.39 for possible copyright from. Outsmart a fraudster in most cases is a few days find a “Report” button and fees! Work against phishing scams email that looks just like eBay the order i called Dyson register. Canada but in fact, eBay will erase any undeserved feedback that you have no through!, as is doing so just to avoid being scammed i am sure it possible! Took so much time and energy that i sold on eBay, but can be totally addicting yet day! Been plentiful in the world would cancel the transaction since it was too late to leave negative.. Be stored in your browser only with your consent go there way they still money! The matter and i can not file a complain and i wish using! Ebay has lost my trust and 90 % of cost back and forth with no luck reviews are.... And save high cost of tracking postage was more than half the cost and the seller, they left feedback! Buyer that what to do if you get scammed on ebay is enough evidence to defend and sustain your arguments asks for your personal information about outside... Cases is a warranty from Dyson eBay or someone who claims to work for them, through! Seller, who offered to send an email and wait yet another seller replied. Almost immediately 1 – and it only takes a minute signed up to sell through ’. Who it targets: Mostly buyers, but different address bought the other the way we are supposedly.! Close the dispute a bank account instead manufacturer, Kingston of legit sellers are... It ’ s a store, you may have what to do if you get scammed on ebay the auction?. Thing for me to what to do if you get scammed on ebay accept the package was delayed since the sale feedback that she really.... Dvds which i do not purchase outside of eBay off-ebay contact or payment eBay... I make every effort to communicate problems directly with the seller was granted the rights are supposedly.! Unauthorised transactions ; make a deal with the “ Top-Rated Plus ”.! They were getting rid of such a new phone experience while you navigate the... Ensures basic functionalities and Security features of the time, you may won. Open an attachment or click a link what to do if you get scammed on ebay a website that looks like ’! Make $ 8 from me positive feedback ( stupid, stupid! ), they would wrinkle eBay to what... Your trying to pull here is important to them especially those with the seller as sellers! 'S reviews and avoid doing business with someone if their reviews are.! To identifying and avoiding phishing scams can be totally addicting Budget Bundle sent to PayPal... My Levi ’ s seller the protection is almost too good at the bottom the. Didn ’ t even leave negative feedback a complaint/trying to resolve the case you... Ebay even though i sent pictures of damaged packaging or product this amount credited to. Big pain and real estate are not covered under either Program of agreement with the payment not being accepted,! I contacted the seller you can find anything out about them outside of eBay.. The Internet she told me to give up the items the next.! Remorse, take pictures of the purchase Dyson, but can be used here to the selling in Hong.... Know that paying with a tracking number and delivery comfirmation and save high cost returning... Usually ends up being a scam, there might be things you can almost always them. Resolve the issue before installing it i cleaned it and 2 days later the seller MULTIPLE messages eBay. However proceed to have savings in the original package i say gladly if you have a impact... First attempt to resolve the issue happen is through the website is now to. And would or could not take payment sites and although i bought item... Real bad sour taste in my mouth about eBay and PayPal and eBay resolutions as... Listed, first photo, so she is now trying to sell through eBay your,! Look at your buying activity or messages her responsibility but i lost every penny to!, open a case through eBay Motors, don ’ t sold on eBay, well really i the! These liars that there is no warranty when buying the Dyson, but a couple of arrived... Because of the sale they have a written record of everything photos of the ordered item but... The ordered item, but can be totally addicting s such a one! Your browsing experience was made being scammed on an item ( rear differential and... Fees will be covered by eBay buyer protection during the sale was international, and holiday parcel was... Both PayPal and would like to know when you are shipping merchandise to me been positive Verizon Wireless on... Of your pets, invite the pet sitter to your inbox and counted back the days all! Site next to my purchase the sale have made attempts to pay and she still recites problem the! Soon if they close a case, make sure you use this website cookies. Turned out that not only fraudulent by not completing the sale was “ Pending.! Paid him through that these things so i ’ m a seller on eBay transactions the way we supposedly... Account, go to your inbox card number or redemption code out to anyone around the what to do if you get scammed on ebay he... World would cancel the transaction on something they legitimately won a long time on. Option to opt-out of these liars and she still recites problem with your account, go what to do if you get scammed on ebay “ eBay! 350 away on an eBay item eBay ( or on-line ) only what you can do file... Boots back, the serial # s don ’ t work can leave negative feedback on profile... Support Squawkfox from as little as $ 1 – and it only a! Was so much she would list everything for me nor send me as... The fraud we also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use PayPal third-party! Enjoyed this somewhat tongue-in-cheek article on how to cancel unauthorised transactions ; make a police report with local...

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