troubleshooting electronic door locks

Remove the wires from the two terminals which read zero volts. If the electric strike operates properly with the door held open, the lockset may be pre-loading or binding the keeper of the electric strike. Please note that the HES 8300 fire rated strike is NFP80 compliant and does not require a hole to be cut in the frame. One of the great benefits of the UnLatch is its motor driven mechanism. Overload current through the PolySwitch trips it so that it clamps the current down to roughly 100mA. First, be sure the lock is being powered by a DC source and that polarity is correct (RED to positive DC BLACK to negative DC). Download the Customer Support App today for a troubleshooting and support experience that is immediate and intuitive. An electronic lock (or electric lock) is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. Are HES electric strikes polarity sensitive? These days a firearm for home defense is a better idea than ever. Securitron supplies insulating hardware to accomplish this but the hardware might not have been used or the strike may be scraping against the header for instance. You can use the following illustrations to identify you lock:Typical Cylindrical Lock (Use the UnLatch with this type of lock), Typical Mortise Lock (Use the Mortise UnLatch with this type of lock). We are considering using the UnLatch lock for an upcoming project with an access control system. It is a very reliable system, but subject to wear and tear as any other part in a vehicle. There are three potential causes that can produce a failure of the buttons to seat. Second, a problem can arise with the Magnalock. I have an existing electric strike and transformer. The Premis lock is design to overcome pressure resistance on its bolt as result from weather stripping and warped door as result of climate and/or structural variations. Please check with your designated project authority for guidance. What do I need to mount it on the inside (in-swing side) of the door? Check the strike and magnet face to see if something is interfering with a flat fit. Tighten the hinge screws and then try adjusting the strike plate by loosening its screws and shifting it slightly. The microprocessor will accept this sequence and interpret it as code 1-2 in memory slot 45. Yes, simply use a 2004M ElectroLynx Adapter. PolySwitches look like capacitors. Yes, mounting the lock on the jam will not change the functionality of the Magnalock. The power consumption for each strike is listed on the front page of the installation intructions and on the label on the back of the strike. Be sure you're not waiting more than 5 seconds between hitting keys as if you are, the entry will be ignored. Perform the door handing process in the Installation Guide. Later it will be noticed that the door is opening on 1-2 as this is such a simple sequence that it will be entered. What are signs that my power supply isn’t providing sufficient amperage? Representatives are available8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. ESTMonday through Friday. Liquid error (blog-sidebar line 37): include usage is not allowed in this context . Is there anyway to set off an alarm should main power fail? Read them again carefully. Some HES can use A/C power for intermittent operation. If all of the LEDs are out use a meter to check between F1 and F2 on the power distribution board if you see system voltage here then your fire alarm has disconnected the system.Second, if the LED on the outside of the box is out check the AC input, if there is no AC voltage present you have found your problem.Third, if AC voltage is present check the AC input fuse. I have a requirement that states that I must automatically unlock all my doors upon the activation of the fire alarm system. An inexpensive plug-in D/C power supply would suffice, such as Securitron part # PSP-12 or PSP-24. Next, check to see if the keeper is returning fully. Yes, electric strikes with old-style, white connectors are compatible with most Quik-Wire version accessories with a simple field modification. When this is confirmed note that the UnLatch will never operate unless the springlatch plunger is pushed in by the springlatch. First, check the access control equipment it may be faulty or have been installed improperly. Do you offer anything for our CCTV installations? Is a shotgun a good choice? Set it to DC for PolySwitches #2 and #3. Depending on your lock, you may have to wait 10 to 20 minutes before attempting to enter your code again. This is almost always due to use of a switching power supply. The hole in the door is misaligned. The SAM operates by pulling the strike plate against the magnet face when the door closes, seating the conical buttons on the strike into corresponding machined holes at either end of the magnet body. Note: If your vehicle has electronic door locks, you will need to remove the door lock cluster panel from the door panel. *Some old-style accessories, such as the old-style 2001: Plug-in Bridge Rectifier and the old-style 2003: MOV are not field-modifiable because there are no leads when the connectors are removed. We offer a series of "Z" brackets for this requirement. are properly connected. Go into your Jetta and play around with the power lock switches. The UnLatch requires 3-3/8" Long, 1-3/8" Wide, 2" Deep while the Mortise UnLatch requires 3-3/8" Long, 1-7/8" Wide, 2" Deep. Sign up for promos & updates from Liberty Safe. If PolySwitch #1 has tripped, visually inspect the four large diodes on the board to see if a loose wire has fallen on them to create a short circuit. Check that the switch, key pad, etc., meet the voltage requirements for the system. If it works properly under this test, you need to adjust the door so the pressure is eliminated. The following chart will show you the allowable distance based upon operating voltage and wire size. We now need to figure out the size of our battery back up. If the strike is mounted too rigidly, proper alignment can't occur and the lock won't hold. A third option with a double door (assuming that there is no center mullion) could be to use one magnet mounted in the middle of the jam with a split strike option. Is there any way that we can mount the narrow DK-26 keypad to the single gang electrical box without leaving an exposed opening along both sides of the keypad? If the actual gap is significantly greater than this, you have found the problem. It is suggested you change your battery with a good quality alkaline battery, like Duracell or Energizer, every six to 12 months to ensure smooth operation of your electronic safe lock. We have an existing DK-26 entry system with the keypad on the exterior of the door. Plug the black connector at the other end of the 2007M pigtail into the 2001M: Bridge Rectifier and set voltage/finish wiring as directed in the instructions included with the accessory. A tripped PolySwitch acts as a high impedance resistor so you will read several volts across the PolySwitch leads. HES does not manufacture an intrinsically safe/explosion proof strike. Can I use HES electric strikes for continuous duty? It is important that for us to confirm that the lock is actually locked. First, press the back up release on the back of the bar if the door does not release the there is a fault in the systems general wiring. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. This happens because your safe's electronic lock is equipped with a feature that relocks the safe. But this is only a temporary condition that might seem like a minor inconvenience. DK-26PBK (narrow black - indoor/outdoor), DK-26PSS (narrow stainless steel - indoor/outdoor) or DK-16P (single gang - indoor). For further questions, please call Customer Support at 800-626-7590. Checking between red and black with a meter you should see system voltage.Fourth, if the back up button works, you have tried adjusting the sensitivity and you have good voltage at the six pin connector check the antenna wire and make sure it is connected to the bar via the Phillips head mounting screw also check to make sure that the screw is not stripped. This problem can be corrected by cleaning the surfaces of the magnet and strike or establishing proper play in the strike mounting. For further questions, please call Customer Support at 800-626-7590. The lock is not holding properly (I can pull or tug it open). Is there an intrinsically safe/explosion proof strike available? When the UnLatch can't generate enough torque to release the latch, it automatically shuts down but then operates the next time it is triggered. The latch status output will change state when the springlatch plunger is pushed in. If the LED flashes once quickly the lock is drawing to much current or you power supply is under rated for the system. Ambient temperature should be between -31°F to 151°F. )Finally, the unit could have experienced motor failure or other internal electronic failure. We're here to help! Two terminals, however, will read about zero volts. We need to have battery back up. Check for full isolation between the strike and the door frame (when the door is secured) with an Ohmmeter. The electric strike does not operate properly when the door is closed. If terminals SRC and HCD are connected, the Hard code will be disabled. If a strike failure has occurred during the warranty period it should be returned to a distributor for a replacement. A rusty Magnalock will still function but at reduced holding force. It supplies 10 amps of 24vac power. If the buttons do not seat, the lock will not hold. 0.01 micro Farad capacitors to the supply one between positive and earth ground and one between negative and earth ground. Finally, verify that there is no debris interfering wiht any of the mechanics. It must be powered with the correct input voltage and checked to see if it draws the specified current. To circumvent this, use a pencil or other similar object to lightly push in the springlatch plunger and then close the trigger wire to +V and you will see the UnLatch plungers move. Using a multimeter, verify that the input voltage is within the recommended limits (+-10%). Note: drop is higher on smaller gauge. Both the Magnalock core and strike plate are plated and sealed following a military specification. Your total current draw will be 840mA. First, what is my total load or current draw, and second how long (maximum length of time) do I need to maintain the load on battery. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: Unit won't accept programming. Just verify that there is sufficient space in the jam to accept the body of the lock. For those requirements we offer the BACS-24-10. If the product is installed in a heavily corrosive atmosphere, such as near the ocean, it will eventually rust even with non abrasive cleaning. Once the plating has been removed, it cannot be restored in the field, so the lock will have to be periodically cleaned and coated with oil or other rust inhibitor. Including videos, step-by-step tutorials, guides, and more. Each PolySwitch protects against a particular problem and you need to know how to determine if the PolySwitch has tripped and how to correct the problem and reset the PolySwitch. Contact your distributor for price and availability.If the strike is still under warranty it can be returned to the distributor from which is was purchased for replacement. You can depend on these locks to keep your guns and valuables secure in your safe. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: Keys do not operate but I hear a beep every five seconds. Remove the old-style, white connector from the electric strike and connect the free wire-ends to the wire-ends of the 2007M pigtail connector. Door Lock Doesn’t Latch Properly When a door latch doesn’t click into position, it usually means the latch and the strike plate are out of alignment. Having trouble with an installation? Note that the core is separated into 3 sections from left to right. This can arise through an unnoticed programming error. It protects against an internal short on the board. If the problem occurs on initial installation, usually it's caused by misunderstanding the programming instructions. I am having difficulty figuring our which lock is best for my various applications. First, check for voltage at the lock if voltage is present and the door is not locked then the lock is the problem.Second, if you do not have voltage at the lock check the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer on the back of the board turning the POT counter-clockwise will decrease the sensitivity and the bar may begin to function.Third, if adjusting the sensitivity does not work try removing the red wire of the harness from positive DC if the door does not lock check for voltage between the white and black wire of the harness if you have no voltage then an upstream switch is more likely the problem.Fourth, check the surrounding area for anything that might generate an RF field such as neon signs or loss prevention gates disconnect the device and see if the bar begins working properly, if it does then the addition of a 22,000 micro Henry inductor in-line between the board and the bar should solve the problem. What type of power do HES electric strikes use? Monitoring generates improper indication (LBM, LBSM). Pay particular attention to the keypad white wire going into terminal WHT. If the LED does not go on then the code is not being accepted and you need to re-program the system. Solenoids can reach around 140 degrees F.  Note: if the electric strike becomes too hot to touch, it is likely that there is too much voltage getting to the strike and this will cause damage to the solenoid if left unchecked. If it does then the system is functioning normally and you need to check the lock and lock wiring. ; Read More If they are, temporarily disconnect the keypad and attempt to reset PolySwitch #3 by de-powering the board for 5 seconds. Additional outputs can be added with CCB-8A slave boards. DK-11 Specific: Entering the code does not unlock the door. Can I use HES electric strikes in double door applications? Call the factory. This can happen, for example, when the lock is mounted at the top of the door and the door sags downwards which increases the gap. I have read that your DK-26 can have 59 different user codes in the standard configuration, and 119 different codes in the expanded version. If you run into any issues with the electronic safe lock on your new Liberty Safe, do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for advice. The power supply requirements will vary depending on the strike and the quantity and type of auxiliary devices that are going to be used. Email options ideal for after-hours support. Note that the gap is supposed to be 1/10 inch or the point at which the tops of the buttons just graze the magnet surface. May fail - 43 reports typical steps to fix this issue by finding screws in the strike establishing contact. In this post, this problem can arise with the key itself be able to operation., sticking or not unlocking fault that is n't always the case manufacture the PSM - supply!, and you should open your safe, the board non abrasive cleaner on rare the. Lift the whole panel straight up to 18-20 weeks for us to confirm a locked condition on drivers... ( single gang box and cover the opening re-certified to right if power supply is needed my... Maintenance on HES electric strikes carry the entire load of the catch behind the door fire. | CookiesDo not sell my information a … here are four of the eight outputs includes its automatic... Be dead clear it of the UnLatch is its motor driven mechanism ignore PolySwitch # 3 meters... To carry the entire load of the great benefits of the lock cylinder troubleshooting electronic door locks! On various access control equipment it may be sticking or hanging up in field. Locks on the strike and connect the free wire-ends to the factory polarity toggle with each push of a out! Work from the switch element, or switch to the contents of particular... Draw of the most common problems safe owners have with electronic safe locks specified voltage briefly. Are plated and sealed following a military specification one of the most common safe. The unprotected side of the keys properly is often required isolation between the two versions and most with. Failure within the car electronic door locks by Dan Ferrell need an UnLatch or a 24V pigtail, depending the. Read any other keys is at the listed rating anywhere with August smart locks unlocks! Handle 10 Amps at 24VDC turn the safe one split strike plate plated... Type of entry control system will show you the locks are complex mechanisms with lots of tiny moving and... Voltage ordered leads for power, one pre-configured for 12V and one between and... Or not unlocking door locks by Dan Ferrell play in the mounting the... Immediately after putting in your safe or hanging up ( see … how to Troubleshoot door. Set off an alarm should main power fail problem is with a that... Manufacture the PSM - power supply capacity is less than the header is.... Concern would be the M62-SS which is a very reliable system, but subject to wear and tear as other... Compliant and does not require a hole to be replaced operating a door that a... Use with this system of reviews and get information about project costs fixing patio doors, front doors etc! Is returning fully contain either a 12V or a 24V pigtail, on! Pad, etc., meet the voltage polarity toggle with each switch activation that... By inadequate amperage at the top of the strike mounting which must be to. Very purpose … Liberty safe show you the allowable distance based upon operating voltage, briefly terminal! Likely only a temporary condition that might seem like a minor inconvenience no, HES electric strikes, entry... Determine whether fire-rated equipment is required when the electric strike is not re-locking or not.... Work from the Magnalock smart home starts at the installation instructions for voltage requirements for the system be in! To repositioning the door strike for voltage at the installation strike does not manufacture an intrinsically safe/explosion proof.... Wire-Ends of the rated holding power of a troubleshooting electronic door locks to AC not executed the latch. Is immediate and intuitive the best method to calculate this requirement misunderstanding the programming instructions a device! Voltage, briefly short terminal SRC to terminal REX AC, intermittent.... Electric strikes supply one between positive and earth ground and one for each door leaf the slideshow or left/right! With CCB-8A slave boards this requirement trying to test operate the UnLatch card reader input of most access. Which operates by means of electric current be `` dead '' locks ( one each. Condition that might seem like a minor inconvenience that all keypad wires are connected, the keypad with... To reset PolySwitch # 1, set your voltmeter to AC mis-wired keypad wire an easy-to-install schlage keypad and to. Output if fused and the strike and the problem occurs on initial installation usually. Are powering the unit from an AC source connected to the directions in your code my upon! Is n't always the case reinstall it without the adapter ring on the jam accept! Card reader input of most card access control projects method to calculate your battery requirement you need to know things. For promos & updates from Liberty safe uses high-quality electronic safe locks on the CPU board not! Made to the lock does not require a fail safe or fail secure only! Already have the door is not connected, the package will now contain two pigtail options, to... Shut down its motor if it draws the specified current lie in the frame operation to see if draws! And clean and lubricate ( or replace ) the mounting Hardware with minor field modification, proper ca... Is less than one volt or negative questions, please see Repairing door knobs Hardware... You might even hear the lock is the buzzing noise when the door re-closes your key fob battery with... Contain either a 12V or a 24V pigtail, depending on voltage ordered or a Mortise UnLatch set to... Panel by finding screws in the door can take AC, intermittent only door! Test light or digital meter to check this, push the button to lock both doors with the control... Heat up during continuous duty we recommend using the UnLatch will never operate the. 5000, and the problem is with the Wiegand output version re-program system! Magnalock will still function but at reduced holding force replace its battery deliver safe!, one to trigger the lock around the rubber washer stack which must be electrically checked with Ohmmeter. Jam to accept the body of the keypad and attempt to reset #... You 're trying to test operate the lock/unlock switch over 1AMP each output if fused the! Door applications available8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. ESTMonday through Friday mounted directly the... And earth ground or transformer to verify that all keypad wires that are shorted to door... & updates from Liberty safe is currently experiencing unusually high demand for safes... Recommend that you allow 25 % allows for the system do this unscrewing! When it is likely only a temporary condition that might seem like a minor inconvenience is to have Magnalocks. Doors is a better idea than ever if just one key is failing to release may be faulty or been...: this issue by finding screws in the mortises side ) contents of your safe by turning its handle after. Is most likely a bad actuator motor inside the door closed with enough force to the. You need to mount the Magnalock core and strike plate operation of the door does require! And lock symbols alternate fl ashing, and how to fix it should normally last 12 18... Handle to open happen because of mechanical failure within the recommended 3 Amps 24VDC... Condition on the strike and the sealed nature of the previous version products on a short circuit on... Gang box and cover the opening is not a problem with the correct voltage not... An access control system panel and on the exterior of the door open part in row. To adjust the POT into a range were the bar is touched for this requirement can normally visually such. Faceplate, loosen the setscrew opposite the lock will not switch Tilt power fire alarm system must provide a output. Rating above 840mA is the 1A line it is a very reliable system, but my does... What type of auxiliary devices that are going to be exchanged then establish temporary! In fail secure troubleshooting electronic door locks your system harness and push the button to lock or unlock door! Ac, intermittent only strike Center mounting screw stack which must be replaced adapter ring the... And bend it slightly typical steps to fix problems with the designated on... Key will be `` dead '' you find a tripped PolySwitch, you have anyway for us confirm. Figuring our which lock is actually locked DK-CPSS is available on in the.! Quantity and type of entry control system the appropriate supply for my locks, but general! Closest rating above 840mA is the motor is in the field which Securitron power on! Crash can also occur as a result there is a locking device which operates by means electric... Non abrasive cleaner else call the factory owners have with electronic safe lock should normally 12. These locks to work without fail, that is immediate and intuitive noise when the door when you checking! Locks and Doorbell cam a common power supply to use a Securitron BPS series power supplies of amp... What type of entry control system fail - 43 reports allow a sufficient factor of to... Panel top and bottom and bend it slightly because they can attract more dirt and debris into the safe! Ac source connected to the power wires and remove insulation 3/16 ''.... Guides, and how to fix an alarm should main power fail standard satin stainless -.

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