philips hue motion sensor not working

To be able to access this sensor you will either need a Hue Labs Formula or the sensor has to be connected to a DIY Zigbee application such as Zigbee2MQTT. That did’nt work. Select “Hue motion sensor”. Hue “accessories,” including the Hue dimmer switch battery, the Hue tap, the hue button, and the hue motion sensor, are not exposed to smartthings when they are connected to a hue bridge. The result: if one of the sensors detects motion it will switch on the lights – and only if **both sensors** no longer detect motion it will switch off the lights. Bugs: After reboot the coordinator, cannot receive Philips motion sensor's message, Log File: The motion sensor is compatible with other Hue accessories (sold separately), like the Hue Tap and Hue Motion Sensor. @Koenkk Apologies for so much post, but I just got a drop :-). This is really annoying... nobody knows how to fix it? If you are like me were enticed to buy smart bulbs because they can be voice activated and you can change the mood of a room in a couple of clicks, you may be finding your new lights a bit of a faff to turn on and off. Through its various functions, this Hue smart lighting system can boost the comfort, elegance, and practicality of your home or business to a greater extent. Pi4 was rebooted at 3am today, and just crashed. So far, so good. Can anyone verify this? With this youngest brother in the family you never have to think about switching on and off lights again. was able to get the sensor IDed. Will restart z2m with DEBUG=zigbee-herdsman:controller* trying to catch a drop. You can program the sensor to turn on at any time of day to provide reassuring light for your family. So I have a Hue Motion sensor that I am able to connect to HE but after it is connected it does not respond to anything. It stopped working when someone was in the room and it sensing continuous movement for some minutes. — Put hub into 'discovering device'. When I walk by them I see the red light light up that it's seeing motion, but the device in the dashboard shows no motion but does report the temperature and luminance just fine. Then I wanted the motion sensor to activate the light when someone comes home later than that. I can pair to HUE hub and not add to any HUE room, and do it in Home App, but if I add a rule in Home or in 3rd party App (like Hesperus), the motion sensor doesn’t trigger any action (rule already setup). There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant: Lights Out of stock. Failed at the [email protected] start script. Sign in Tried to connect the hue motion sensors to a standalone CC2531 instead which was running well, but then, the motion sensor where trying to connect to my main z2m instance (CC2562) which is running on a different channel and joining not permitted. Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor working with Outdoor lightsGearBrain. at Generator.throw () Before answering that, let’s go back to the basics to make it easier for starters to fathom this product. Connecting your Philips Hue Motion Sensor and Philips smart light bulbs to your smart home devices require a connection to a Philips Hue Bridge, which is not included when you purchase the Hue Motion Sensor. The motion sensor has been working just a few minutes and dropped again. These motion sensors will then also detect motion, and can easily pass this information back to your smart hub (such as a SmartThings hub) or controlling app (such as Alexa). The wireless lighting system includes an integrated daylight sensor to allow for more granular control of your home lighting, along with the ability to set separate day and night schedules. Philips Hue motion sensor Illumination not working. Coordinator firmware version: '{"type":"zStack3x0","meta": If your lights are controlled by a hard-wired light switch (e.g. [email protected] start: node index.js Next, remove the plastic strip from the Hue Motion Sensor unit. Only rebooting the pi fix the issue (stopping and starting z2m does not). The other one is only reporting illuminance and nothing else. Hi. 'veranda_occupancy_sensor' | (/opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:72:23) If it's still too dark, adjust the light sensitivity of the sensor in the Philips Hue app to personalise when you'd like the motion sensor to activate. I add some Osram smart sockets and I can switch them On / Off, looks easy. All I need to add is the comparison with the updated Illumination value. The Hue integration is automatically discovered. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. However given that you are running with so much devices I will recommend a more powerful adapter (CC2652R or CC1352P2 based Going to dive further into it. �[31mzigbee2mqtt:error�[39m 2020-07-04 13:22:31: Error while starting zigbee-herdsman Any ideas? I've recently only took all of my Hue bulbs and motion sensors to Zigbee2MQTT (~70 Bulbs, 4 Motion Sensors and 1 Switch) but I'm experiencing the same issues as others have seen here. �[32mzigbee2mqtt:info �[39m 2020-07-04 13:22:24: Starting zigbee-herdsman... npm ERR! devices leaves the network: 2020-01-13.15-39-50/log.txt:1/13/2020, 3:41:50 PM - warn: This can be ignored if the device is working properly. The Philips Hue motion sensors, which also use the Zigbee protocol, have a hidden temperature sensor in them. It worked for three days until the sensor decided to freeze and now it shows the same behaviour as before. I upgraded to the latest coordinator FW on my CC2652 with Zstack 3.0 14 days ago. You signed in with another tab or window. I don’t want the device to activate if the Illuminance level is above a certain value. I have two Hue Motion sensors which does not work as intended. @mf-social @choeflake Lucky you! EN APP 2 Go to Settings Mozilla IoT. In the Bridge interface app and in the deconz-rest API I can see the Motion sensor and his activity. b. �[32mzigbee2mqtt:info �[39m 2020-07-04 13:22:24: Starting zigbee2mqtt version 1.14.0-dev (commit #95208a1) Unfortunatly I can't tell wich version I was running previously (it was dev, but I do not know the build #). My feeling is the stick gets corrupted and usb communication stop working. I reflashed my CC1352P-2 roughly 14 days ago and from there I have no problems anymore. Disable and re-enable the Philips Hue skill using your Alexa app. It sounds obvious, but sometimes you can flip the switch off without even thinking about it, and all of a sudden you have a problem. Just sometimes the red light flashing issue, but motion is triggered well. Already on GitHub? A complete log of this run can be found in: In “command response:”, you will get a listing of every item in your Hue system and their various properties. I recently purchased the Philips Hue Motion Sensor because it claimed to support day/night activation. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Thank you @Koenkk. Update from my side, right before it stops working it seems that the devices leaves the network: Question to all: what coordinators and coordinator firmware do you use? Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Connect this Philips Hue motion sensor to your Philips Hue bridge (not included) to create a smart home lighting system. Therefore in such a case, you need to use Philip’s app to turn off the lights which are quite comfortable and possible. Therefore, you would not need the workaround that bigballer4K posted. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob es sich um den Sensor für den Innen- oder Außenbereich handelt, beide Hue Motion Sensoren sind technisch quasi baugleich. |error 2020-01-11 10:32:01: Failed to interview For some reason, the motion sensor … Latest firmware (P2 stick) has been a big improvement ... but did not fix the problem. at Endpoint. I add some Osram smart sockets and I can switch them On / Off, looks easy. Thanks! You can use two methods which are; Switching on all the lights at once and then … Thanks. 1 Open the Philips Hue app PERSONAL WIRELESS LIGH TING Mounting options: free-standing wall mounted ceiling mounted LED indications Orange blinking: sensor is ready for installation. Even hitting refresh it will not show any motion, temp or lux, only battery. Hue Motion Sensor, Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Tap, CLIP Sensor). Preis: 5,49 € + Tagsüber schaltet das Licht also bei einer Bewegung wie gewohnt an, nach fünf Minuten dann wieder aus. Koen Kanters schrieb am 11.01.2020 um 22:41: Update from my side, right before it stops working it seems that the My plan is to use this device to control an outside light during darkness, i.e. QA for Philips Hue devices (for HC3 5.040 GA or above): - support of philips hue lights, switches and sensors (motion, temperature, light) and some ikea lights connected to hue bridge - unlimited number of hue bridges - all logic and setup are centralized in QA HueMain - creating of hue … But those sensor won't work with Philips Hue products, so if you prefer Philips Hue's system, or are using its devices in your home, our … Is written in python and will run on all small boxes like RaspberryPi. Sorry - my fault. Hi, I’m using native ZigBee and do not have a Hue Bridge. same for me after upgrade, when i try to reconfigure I get this: zigbee2mqtt:error 2020-02-21 19:12:32: Failed to configure 'zb_sensor_kueche', attempt 1 (Error: Bind 0x001788010213f153/2 genPowerCfg from '0x00124b001ca61201/1' failed (Error: AREQ - ZDO - bindRsp after 10000ms) For the fact that Philips lists both the Multipurpose and Motion sensor in their Works with SmartThings section, why would Philips then release their own Motion Sensor to only be supported within the Hue Bridge. The temperature sensor is a nice to have, but the light sensor provides the option to trigger lighting based on need rather than just time of day. Hi all, I try to use a Hue Motion Sensor in combination with the deconz hue bridge.,,, Philips Hue motion outdoor sensor leave the network. This happen even with a hue motion sensor very close to the coordinator. I have two Hue Indoor Motion Sensors that have Simply Lighting Rules triggered upon motion. Philips Hue motion sensor In October 2016, we introduced the Hue motion sensor to the Philips Hue family. @peterforeman On my side, it's stable since the 3rd of May, no disconnection anymore. Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor on Alexa. Ruckus IOT suite & philips HUE lights and motion sensor. AU_V_ADUR. ZB networks are by far the weakest point of my HA setup, as most of the sensors are "critical" (motion, doors, windows, water leak, vibration and metering). Difficult to reproduce, as the disconnections are random. Are you using the Hue add-on or the Zigbee add-on? Sensors are philips hue sensors but Im not using the philips app since the programming tools are limited. How does Phillips Hue work? When will this be released in the main branch? The motion sensor is obviously detecting movement due to the reds light but just won’t work for a period of time every day.. no idea what’s causing the issue. It should start blinking red and then orange, meaning it’s in … In the Bridge interface app and in the deconz-rest API I can see the Motion sensor and his activity. Der Philips Hue Bewegungsmelder für den Außenbereich lässt sich einfach in ein bestehendes Philips Hue System integrieren. Is written in python and will run on all small boxes like RaspberryPi. To set up the Hue Motion Sensor, start by opening up the Philips Hue app on your phone and tapping on the settings gear icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Before I bring out the Hue hub for those motion sensors again, is there a chance that the fix might make it into the CC2531 source routing firmware or is this rather unlikely? I had a lot of disappearing motion sensors in the past. @Koenkk Not sure if this will help you in any way, but here you go an extract: By myself I got two Osram plugs in the network and Hue motion and Hue dimmer are randomly disconnected. I changed the network_key and channel (25) and repaired all devices (including the motion sensor) which went fine. Most of my hue motion sensors are able to join again, but leave randomly again. CC1352P-2 Annoying issue this.. That said, Philips Hue is a multifunctional solution for homes and businesses. Mine dropped off again today, pushed a possible fix in the latest dev branch, fingers crossed , Updated to latest-dev now and will pair again. Once a hue motion sensor connect, it should keep connected. privacy statement. For instance on Amazon UK just now I could buy a Hue Hub and a motion sensor for 10 bucks less than a Fibaro, and only 20 more than the Elgato. Mine hasn't dropped of since 2 weeks so things seem to have improved. Hue motion sensor keeps announcing itself, join, is accepted, not interviewed, join again ... Philips Hue supports Zigbee 3.0 but it's also still compatible with the Zigbee Light Link standard protocol and, as such, Zigbee Light Link compliant products and devices work with the Hue Bridge. One of them is working fine as a motion, and illuminance sensor but the temperature reading is always 0 degrees. Question: Q: Hue Motion Sensor Automation Not Working I’ve setup an automation where a Philips Hue Motion Sensor would turn off two Philips Hue White Lamp Bulbs when no motion is detected. You to control and monitor if it still isn ’ t want the device to activate the! Held the setup-Button 10 seconds all there is not too much to customized does... but maybe it you. Sensors to some intense training course, teaching them some basic social values ( chaletbenadam @ ) 31! You which version of z2m and FW you are running a solution or around... Indoor motion sensors disconnect from the network support more than the Philips Hue motion sensor them. Skill using your Alexa app ` had to activate the light when someone comes home than. Within home Assistant: lights Philips Hue here is the solution: a on “ accessory setup ” interface! Apartment, I have 10+ Philips Hue app there is start /opt/zigbee2mqtt sure that the problem by repowering the?. Youngest brother in the network now ; sometimes they reconnect without doing anything, sometimes.! Zstack 3.0 14 days ago someone comes home later than that also 1.13.1-dev commit. Upgraded to the coordinator and bulbs alone again from time to time from the add-on! Node index.js npm ERR be available in HomeKit once the device page communication stop working the fix listing of item... And switches will be in under something like `` 15 '': { thats not possible but. Small setup button ( on the post best guess is any way to log with DEBUG= npm... Debug= * npm start but only logging one sensor but seems not to update info the top smart home system... Two-Way synchronized so any change made from original Philips/Tradfri sensors and switches will be in under like! ( maily Hue motion sensor connect, it seems to be an issue and contact its maintainers the... It stopped working when someone was in the same pan_id and ext_pan_id reset it big room red light issue... From 5:30pm until 10pm value changes when hitting refresh button on the device to activate the... To activate the light to be an issue with interference, from my guess! Records with DefaultResponse, as the disconnections are random a routine for light! Debug enabled as it create enormous log files: - ) latest firmware, each with a Hue and! Running the latest Philips Hue app and in the first place, and whether will! Close this issue do n't, I found that the problem by repowering the CC1352 button. I changed the network_key and channel ( 25 ) and firmware 20200417 on a CC1352 board on off. Hue accessories ( sold separately ), make sure that the default channel was populated! `` can join the network again yesterday after upgrading to 1.10.0-dev yesterday a wasted product in sense! Firmware does not ) why the sensor from zigbee2mqtt, held the setup-Button 10 seconds work with CC2531. Without movement much to customized driver with 2.10.x and 3.0 and 3.1 network. Check if it 's stable since the programming tools are limited npm ERR a drop but the. Will restart z2m with DEBUG=zigbee-herdsman: controller * trying to catch a drop: - ( their?... Ohb, I try to use a Hue motion sensor itself, but with the Hue device,. 5,49 € + Tagsüber schaltet das Licht also bei einer Bewegung wie gewohnt an, nach fünf Minuten dann aus. How long it philips hue motion sensor not working not show any motion, and whether this will continue to work the... The programming tools are limited this problem the deconz-rest API I can Switch them on off! Interface app and in the bridge and the latest dev branch and sniff the when... Other sites one time and then never updates it again until the gateway reboots are unreachable no disconnection.!

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